Hi there, I am Traci Myers, creator of T. Myers bags.


Since childhood, I have had a passion for design, and creating beautiful items from unusual, discarded, and just plain unpredictable items and materials. For over a decade, I've created decorative items for people's homes and interiors. Practically being obsessed with fabrics and textiles, I created over a hundred rooms of custom window treatments, duvets covers, pillows, and so much more! I had two of my own homes featured on a local news entertainment program, highlighting my decorating ideas. I then became a regular on the set of the program, giving tutorials on up-cycled, and do-it-yourself projects.


I have had five shops (booth spaces), where I created and sold many unusual, up-cycled, and re-purposed items. I loved these shops and poured my heart and soul into finding, and creating , one of a kind, beautiful items to offer customers.


Among the items I created for my shops, were one of a kind, up-cycled handbags. They sold well, so I decided I would try my hand at the worldwide web, and started putting my bags on Ebay. They were a hit and now, making purses is my focus and my absolute passion.

I offer statement, one of a kind bags, that are trendy, luxurious, playful, whimsical, pieces of wearable art.


Please take a look at my gallery, if you see a purse you like, ask me about a custom order

About Me